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Birthday Parties

The easiest way to have a fun and memorable party is to get your invitations out early and make your preparations. You will need a theme, a cake, decorations, and some fun party games.

Wedding Events

A luxurious way to celebrate your wedding day! With a lot of personal attention, our professional planners can help you create a wedding that will be a day to remember.

School & College Functions

At college, there are many opportunities to throw a great party and create memories. This guide offers party ideas, decorating tips, and more for a number of different occasions.

Corporate Parties

Corporate parties are a unique and meaningful way to thank your clients and employees. They allow you to show your appreciation in a personal and heartfelt way that is unlike any

We have many years of experience in organizing events

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The subhalagnam events team was started by a team of enthusiastic and passionate individuals who wanted to create an event that could create the perfect venue for all your subhalagnam needs.

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“Not only did you create a great ambiance with the lounges, lighting, and music, but the food displays were a work of art. And the entertainment? People are still talking about it. My guests all enjoyed a wonderful evening. Thank you so much for making me look good …Chaitanya, Subhalagnam Events  is lucky to have such a dynamic person. .

- Kriti

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